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Hii guys...for all the saree lovers Antarang is the place where u will definitely fall in love with her creations...I too grabbed 2 beauties from her n will surely love to buy more n more ..she really puts her efforts in making each piece of saree unique n beautiful...everything about her creations like fabric colour contrast detailings packing even deliveries r so perfect that I can’t resist myself from being it’s part..now m always keeping an eye on her stories not to miss anything...Thanks a bunch Deepika for bringing such delicacies for us...happy to find u n really excited about the-new launches All the best


Raipur, India
18 Nov, 2020
Myantarang..has been one of the most lovable Insta handle...n am too excited about my first order ..Love the lady n her presentation skill..Real praiseworthy


17 Nov, 2020
One day I saw this account on Instagram as it appeared in my suggestions list. As I scrolled down, I liked all the products. I immediately became a fan and since then I am a regular person in buying Antarang products. Sarees are simply pretty!. Choice and quality of all products is really good. I just can't have enough from the collection!. Keep up the good work!❣❣


Thane, India
04 Sep, 2020
I happened to stumble upon antarang while exploring the saree community on instagram. And I saw this very elegant lady who was the brand's model. To my surprise, she was the owner too. The sarees and fabrucs I have purchased from her are of superlative quality. And I have recommended the brand to a lot of people. But above all of that, what I appreciate the most is the interactions I have had with Deepika. A very genuine conversationalist who cares about her business and customers. It's been a complete pleasure purchasing from Antarang and it has always felt like 'My Antarang'


Navi Mumbai, India
13 Aug, 2020
Happy colours, pretty prints & fabulous fabric! What more can I ask for. The no-fuss Indian wear appeal comes so naturally with anything picked from Antarang! You guys are doing a fantastic job with your collection!!


Gurgaon, India
01 Aug, 2020
Hey, i loved the fabrics that i received. And the fact that you didnt use any form of plastic, truly environmental friendly. Loved that part.


22 Jul, 2020
You going out of your way to engage with your customers is much appreciated. A rare thing to find in this virtual world. A beautiful unexpected surprise really makes one happy!!! Will look forward as well for long term relationship with Antarang.


22 Jul, 2020
I personally find your products and work genuine not only in terms of quality but prices too which is very important ...iv seen many others who are either too expensive or quality is too know for similar product category...❤️


22 Jul, 2020
It's been 2years I have been part of Antarang family. Deepika, you always surprise me with your unique collections. Each saree is beautiful and the mood enhancing colours can easily get anyone hooked onto them. I got a chance to visit your studio once. I could imagine the kind of efforts you have put on Antarang... I think "efforts " may not be the appropriate word ...You have put all your heart and love to "Antarang" to make it unique in its own way..... I am a big fan of Antarang because it is a true companion to cherish the handloom of India. And ofcourse , a big fan of yours ❤️❤️. Love the way you drape your collection. Really miss your picture, if you don't post for a single day


Noida, India
18 Jul, 2020
One day I accidentally stumbled upon this Instagram account, Antarang. I didn't pay much attention to it immediately. I saved some posts and then later scrolled through them. What struck me was the simplicity and the charming way each and every product was portrayed. That's the half of it. The other half was the muse, Deepika. If you see the posts on Instagram or even on the website, one can clearly see the way she cares for each and every piece of garment she is portraying. And all those things did me. Made me into a fan and Antarang one of my favorite websites to go check in regularly. Atleast once in a day. Yes, I admit, I stalk the website.


Graphic Designer, Mumbai, India
17 Jul, 2020
When small scale businesses take you to their journey of loving things they love , there you catch up with people with all your passion and most importantly efforts. I don’t even remember that how I started following MyAntarang family & none other than Deepika- the beautiful by heart and soul lady. She is a lady who understands the need of the customer and tries to satisfy at her level best to create not only customer but a family out of Instagram. I have had around 3 to 4 purchases with her and tell you frankly they are just lovely.. I eagerly wait to see her story right when I open my Insta in the morning.. I every time feel like k ‘sab le lo’ but that’s completely impossible. In the end, I would say Deepika retain as you are... I know certain ppl when reach to skies, forget whom they made them reach there.. And above all, I would wish to visit your Small Studio where you shoot your every product... Love & Air hugs to u❤️


Teacher, Ajmer, India
17 Jul, 2020
Exclusive collection of handloom sarees with apt pricing, a one stop shop to indulge in shopping the beauties. Thank you Deepika for the extra touch you provide in every purchase .


Hyderabad, India
16 Jul, 2020
I’ve been a huge fan of Antarang and got my first saree almost a year and half back! Ever since then, I’ve been pretty much a regular, getting sarees and suits for not just me but also gifting it to people I love! Deepika’s warmth is so much the reason as the quality of the products and the promptness in delivery! To more years of being an Antarang diva!


Chennai, India
16 Jul, 2020
As someone who recently jumped the Handloom Bandwagon, my long research coupled with dizzying confusion, pleasantly ended with Deepika’s Antarang. I simply loved her collection from the word go. Her simplicity had me smitten, and the fact that she travels the length and breadth to carefully curate her collection sourced directly from weavers is what instilled faith in her brand. Diligently always available to clear my doubts, my confidence and trust in her brand only grew and I ended up buying 9 Antarang sarees during lockdown and each piece is simply to die for. Great Quality. I am glad my Handloom trunk inaugural ribbon cutting was at the hands of Antarang!


Pune, India
16 Jul, 2020
Deepika,you do everything with your heart and soul. Each and every saree is as beautiful as you ❤️ So authentic,so genuinely priced ,every piece you sell looks close to your heart. Wish you all the very best and would love to see you progressing and making us fall I love with your collection more . Blessings dear!


Ambala, India
16 Jul, 2020
The sarees are just WOW! More than that Deepika you are such a wonderful person! God Bless you all for wonderful work you are doing.


Bangalore, India
14 Jul, 2020
This is so beautiful. I am always a big fan of your collection. 'You the best ones' - I am bit surprised with these cords...you just got all my hearts with these words. Yeah I have a best friend to gift me Antarang!


Chennai, India
14 Jul, 2020

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