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Saree -  A sensation for Gen-Z

Saree - A sensation for Gen-Z

February 10th, 2023

Centuries-old fashion of draping becoming a trend for Gen-Z was almost inevitable. The sleek, contemporary look of a saree paired with crop tops, belts, blazers and sneakers are making statements.

An urban woman's belief of the movement restricting nature of a saree is being completely challenged by the designers, artists and influencers of the present generation. Thousands of working women who are farmers and construction workers have successfully debunked the idea of this "movement restricting" nature of a saree. A wave of innovative ideas of draping the heritage garment is gradually subverting the stereotypes. The idea of saree being an absolute conventional and comfortable attire ignites a spark of respecting our rich culture and holding on to the roots.

The GenZers are well known for their extraordinary levels of creativity and activism. This makes them challenge the existing urban notions and standards relating to the saree and thus, making saree a worldwide sensation.

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