Saree Draping Styles of All Times: Athpourey

Posted on March 9th, 2023 03:51 PM

Without a doubt, Saree is the prettiest Indian attire which adorns a woman's body. The elegance of this Indian attire is exceptional. India being a land of beautiful cultures and traditions, is full of diverse fashion and styling as well. There are varities of sarees in terms of fabric and draping styles, unique for every culture.

The 'Athpourey' Draping Style from Bengal is one of the best draping styles of all times.

The bengali draping style can be characterized by two pallu coming from back to front. To achieve the Athpourey saree draping style, the saree is first draped in the standard manner, with the pleats tucked in at the waist and the pallu draped over the left shoulder. However, instead of letting the pallu hang loose, it is then wrapped around the back and draped over the right shoulder, creating a V-shaped drape that is secured in place with a decorative pin or brooch.

This elegant style of saree draping is accompanied by a matching blouse and some traditional accessories. 

The saree is typically worn for formal occasions such as weddings or religious ceremonies. Athpourey drape is considered as a signature style for the famous Durgo Pujo. It is known for its elegant and sophisticated look, and is a popular choice among women who want to make a statement with their saree draping style.Hanging a bunch of keys at the end of the pallu thrown to the right shoulder never fails to make the look graceful and classic.

The Athpourey saree draping style is a beautiful and timeless method of draping a saree that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Bengal.

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